Neilaworld releases Supernova EP featuring Kevin Kazi and Lil Turbo

Neilaworld is an underground collective comprised of mostly producers, as well as a few rappers and creative directors, etc. As a whole they have been gaining serious momentum over the past few months with constant progression and motion as their main M.O. With the release of their newest project, the Supernova EP by Kevin Kazi and Lil Turbo.

Utilizing the top notch producers in the Neilaworld collective, the pair of rappers enlist Madara and Lostboi Vonte as the only two features on the four track project. The Supernova EP is a short, yet impressive effort that displays the raw energy of everyone included. Kevin Kazi shines not only when rapping, but when co-producing tracks like ‘Bio-hazard‘ that has prominant producer Lukrative on the beat as well. Lukrative and FadedBlackid add a perfectly melodic and euphoric instrumental for Kazi and Turbo to enchange verses on the track ‘Stardust.’ This track serves as a refreshing quality on the projects, as it seems like both rappers tried to step out of their comfort zones and executed their parts perfectly.

Venus,’ which credits Neilaworld, Blacky Tom and Madara with the production, continues the futuristic vibe that Neilaworld captures with every piece of music they release. Closing out the project with the angelic track ‘Ride,’ produced exclusively by Lukrative, Kevin Kazi, Lil Turbo and Madara have an incredible chemistry when on the same track together. The EP as a whole is a great effort from Neilaworld, allowing their own artists to shine while at the same time recruting outside talent to help exectue their vision.

Be sure to check out the Supernova EP and keep Neilaworld and everyone involved with this release on your radar. With the momentum that they are constantly building, it won’t be long until they are viewed on a global level.

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