Lil Turbo’s long awaited HOODSTAR project is finally here

Buzzing up-and-coming rapper Lil Turbo’s long awaited project HOODSTAR is finally here. Dropping a slew of singles and the 3-track EP Turbo Tax, he has steadily built his buzz among the underground. After months of preparation in the roll out process, he gives his listeners a tight 5-track EP that includes the single FACETIME (prod. Shoki).

With several new offerings like the opening track Karate/KICKINSH!T, he gives us his signature flow over glossy production from Helix and Falsecut. Lil Turbo is one of several underground titans coming from the Carolinas and his newest offering solidifies his status. Clearly in his bag and on the come up, expect to see big moves being made from the young rapper.

Coming to a close with the final track of the project, HOODSTAR (prod. Maxx Bett), Turbo puts an exclamation point at the end of the long awaited tape.

I ain’t a rock star, I’m a HOODSTAR

Constantly growing his fan base and expanding his musical reach, this newest project from the Carolina rapper is something that you have to hear. Improving his music with each drop, Lil Turbo proves yet again that he deserves all the attention he receives.

HOODSTAR – Lil Turbo

Karate/KICKINSH!T(prod. Helix + Falsecut)
FACETIME (prod. Shoki)
Wake Up (prod. HVGO)
ELEPHANT (prod. Vinso)
HOODSTAR (prod. Maxx Bett)

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