Maryland's own Lil Xelly is against the World with his new project

Maryland native and rapper Lil Xelly has most certainly made his way into your attention by now and if he hasn’t you need to wake up. Constantly releasing project after project his creativity is never lacking, it seems.

With his project Lil Xelly Vs. The World! Pt. 6, hosted by UsVersesWorld, he continues to show his musical prowess as each track hits listeners with a mix of sounds and emotions. He gets a handful of assists from some big producers such as sadbalmain, ledderrick, soldodo, and eqmadeit.

On the opening track PLUG (prod. xangang), his signature flow reminds us of what makes Xelly so great as the big bass hits listeners in the face. On his rise out of the underground with his constant flow of mixtapes, his work ethic is what separates him from his peers. When listening to his music you can hear the hunger in his words.

Courtesy of Guru Steeze

Cash Freestyle (prod. cashcache) shows a slightly different side from Xelly as he comes at the track with softer style. Switching up the style a little bit to keep from getting stale over the 9 track EP, it is a refreshing switch up over the project.

On the track Deloreon (prod. dry), he flexes on his peers with his bars and his signature “xrr” ad-lib.

“Hop out Deloreon.

Wings, soaring.

I’m still up,

It’s six in the morning.”

Constantly outworking his peers with every release, the way that he comes correct with every track is what will take the Maryland-based rapper far.

On the EP closer, he comes with arguable the hardest track on the project. TRAP (prod. noir brent + uglyfriend) combines savage lyrics and a beat that mirrors the energy of the bars perfectly. Laced with loud and in-your-face ad-libs, tracks leaves you wanting more but I am sure that the next EP is just around the corner for the Maryland rhymer.

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