Getting to know Conneticut-based rapper Grustic Myron

Born right outside of St. Louis, rapper Grustic Myron moved to Connecticut in the year 2000 with his family. Growing up in a very musical family, “looking back, it really only makes sense [that] my mother’s two sons are making music our here.” Listening to a wide range of music via his mother’s and father’s differing music choices.

With goals of simply having his music heard on a grand scale, he aims to “get good feedback from people whose opinions [he] respects.” Acknowledging the grind and the amount of work that it takes to reach that point, he is making some serious moves in the underground to ensure that he is able to achieve those goals.

Emphasizing his sources of inspiration, he told me “there are countless people I look up to. Anyone who started from no where and became successful. The hip-hop I grew up with was a mi of underground artists like atmosphere and mainstream mtvjams style stuff like 50 cent and Mike Jones.” Also drawing immense inspiration from producers Premier, Alchemist, Pierre Bourne, and Metro Boomin, to name a few.

David: How did you get into making music?

Grustic Myron: I always loved music but never considered an option. My younger brother @Wowflower had been experimenting with beat music and other hiphop subgenres and started talking with Houseshoes so it became pretty real. He wanted me to give it a shot, so he logged me into his ableton account and it unraveled slowly from there.

David: How long have you been making music?

Grustic Myron: I started about a year ago, maybe a year and a half. At first it was just making beats and having fun with it with the crew.. I started laying down acapellas on my beats from all kinds of rappers (from Biggie to Desiigner,) and it wasnt enough, so I started rapping about 6 months ago to see if I could complete my sound.

He tells me that he finally feels like he found something that he is passionate about and into which he can put all of his energy. Constantly improving, I am very excited to see where his musical career takes him as he is surely just in the beginning.

David: Tell me a little about the process of making music for you, where does your inspiration come from?

Grustic Myron: It could be a car horn outside, or a soundtrack piece in an emotional movie scene, or a random fat 808 track a friend puts on that Ive never heard before. My inspiration comes from all over.

David: Any cool shit outside of music that you are working on currently?

Grustic Myron: I am always creating or learning something even when it doesnt pertain to music. Ill be honest, most of my spare time goes to production and writing or taking a breather. I work full time on the water as an oyster farmer so when Im not sleeping 4 hours per night, Im grinding making sure this train keeps moving in the right direction. Im also a big movie/tv show guy.

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