North Carolina’s DAWSZN Makes A Statement With “love overdose!”

Artwork from @iloveyouoxxy

To say DAWSZN isn’t a breath of fresh air in the underground trap scene would be a huge understatement, and a costly mistake. Those familiar with DAWSZN’s work will undoubtably recognize his signature synth-driven intro, and those unfamiliar will instantly be hooked onto his melodic crooning on the chorus and throughout the entire composition. Teaming up again with producer Boyarti, who provides the sinister soundscape through his hard-hitting drums and lush harmonies, DAWSZN guides the listener through an emotional rollercoaster that cannot be controlled with his newest single “love overdose!

Carefully laid out background vocals and ethereal humming round out this hazy, fairy tale-like story with a sense of relief and freedom that only comes from speaking your truth. Singing, “I OD’d on you, you OD’d on me / The only thing I need, lives between your knees”, he presents the unique perspective of someone who’s in complete control yet simultaneously, craves it. Seemingly accepting his role and relishing in it, DAWSZN represents the growing number of young self-aware creatives who are creating an online wave not only on Soundcloud, but throughout the world.

Provided with artwork from the talented @iloveyouoxxy, “Love Overdose!” seems like a hometown effort and it certainly sounds like one.

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