Indianapolis-based rapper VibeZtar releases new single F.O.M.

It could be easy to lump Indianapolis upstart VibeZtar in with a lot of the auto-crooners within modern trap, but with his single F.O.M, a backronym for “Freak on Me”, he sets himself apart significantly from his contemporaries with the track’s infectious melodies, introspective bars and the simultaneously laidback and aggressive production style.

The beat for F.O.M features an airy, atmospheric synth lead and is rounded out by a rather simple yet bouncy and danceable hat pattern and a punchy, hard-hitting kick line. VibeZtar floats effortlessly over the instrumental with a rather straightforward, melodic flow, making the track an instant earworm.

On the hook, he sings, “I got the love that you been needin’/So on the weekend, yeah we gon’ be tweakin’”, offering himself as an all-inclusive romantic getaway for the girl he’s addressing. The melody here is infectious and when he reaches his highly autotuned falsettos, there is a load of passion added. Combined with the verses, speaking on his hardships and commitment to the grind, this track reads as the world’s most honest dating profile. The chill vibe presented here makes for a great jam for the late night section of any party playlist and is a perfect entry to getting into one of the best artists starting to heat up on the SoundCloud scene.

Be sure to follow VibeZtar on Twitter @VibeZtar

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