Rising talent from Texas Wetemuh releases new song Starburst via Elevator

Rapping over an instrumental provided by @beatbyjeff, Wetemuh comes correct with his high energy style of music on his new song Starburst. The heavy bass on this track will rattle any speaker system and the equally heavy lyrics make for a hit. Quickly racking up over 100,000 views on YouTube, this track is doing numbers and after diving into Wetemuh’s musical catelogue, he is definitely deserving.

Opting for a very new-school style, his tracks are often less than 2 minutes long but the energy is what amplifies the music. With the music video that was dropped via Elevator, shot by @beatbyjeff, video edits by @waterwippinevan, @evijanjohn, and @raibred, the crew behind the video did work to make the song as a whole a huge success.

Be on the lookout for more music and content to come from the Texas star as he is already making big waves in the industry. Getting nods from not only Elevator, but No Jumper and Lyrical Lemonade as well, he is surely just at the beginning of his career.

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