Burnie D. – Lost & Until The Wheels Break

Canadian artist Burnie D. released brand new single titled Lost. Just over a week since the release, the track started out with soft vocals over a spacey beat that carried out until he switched up with some edgy vocals accompanied by singing. Linking with London-based producer Kamron Lord, Burnie D. provides a vibe that mirrors meditation as he recounts all the negative energy in his life. Overall the song was a solid piece of work and Burnie displayed his sonic versatility.

Sitting on another new release, the track Until The Wheels Break is set to release very soon. We were able to hear some rough cuts of the track and it had a much different feel as Burnie D. added a metal sounding aspect to this song. His vocals were strong and heavy and he raps like he has something to prove as he goes in over the slow cadenced instrumental. Getting a production assist from 27corazones on the beat and linking with Kamron Lord again for the mix on this track, it is clear that Burnie D. has a vision for his music and is making the right moves to execute it successfully.

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