CT-based producer releases new project My Dreams: Your Nightmares

Connecticut-based rapper Nathan Hanson, who produces under the name n8than, is fresh off the release of a brand new collection of beats titled My Dreams: Your Nightmares. Combining several different flavors and sounds on this project, he shows us a glimpse into his mind as he creates music. Drawing inspiration from producers like TM-88 and Nard and B, he tends to have a production style that stems from the waves coming from Atlanta. Currently listening to some of the new school greats like Lil Uzi Vert and Juice WRLD, as well as some more established pillars like Travis Scott, he wears his inspirations on his sleeves when behind the boards.

With the release of his new project he aimed to put his versatility on full display. “While most producers have their one sound, I feel like I can touch upon different genres/styles of rap and do it well.” Using an acoustic-sounding instrumental for the opening track Blink n82, he adds a heavy 808 kick to keep in interesting. Then, on the following cut Can’t Wake, he takes a more melodic approach using a nice, high-pitched synth and a lighter bass kick.

While there are some great beats on this tape, I do hear some areas that could use work, however. The intro to the third beat Devil’s Advocate seems a little bit too chaotic. The high hats seem sporadic and hit the ear awkwardly. With that being said, as the bass kicks in the track does get better. Still lacking melodic switch ups throughout the instrumental, the track ultimately comes up flat compared to the rest of the project.

Forever Haunted, the fourth track from n8than, brings an eerie vibe to the project. Almost serving as an interlude of sorts, the song has a very catchy bass-high hat combination over a sample that evokes meditative thoughts. Quickly switching the energy with the track Paralysis, this light and up-beat track is something different from the Connecticut producer. With an almost dreamy instrumental and a very hard trap beat, n8than shows discredits any one-trick pony rumors.

Rounding out the project with the tracks Sed8ted and Speakofthedevil!, he brings his production project to a close with two more pieces of music that display his abilities to the fullest. Mirroring a similar dreamy instrumental, he adds a bell sample to the mix on the former of the two tracks, Sed8ted. The closing track boasts an off-the-wall melody that hits the ear right.

Aside from a few tracks lacking in significant changes in melodies or bass kick patterns, this is a solid project. Gaining skill and knowledge with each beat he produces and with each hip-hop pillar that he studies, there is no doubt in my mind that n8than is doing all the correct work now. Showing his ability and his staggering potential, My Dreams: Your Nightmares is a very solid piece of music. I am very excited to see who he will link with in the future and to hear the incredibly music that is sure to follow. Be sure to check out his beat tape below and keep an ear out for new sounds dropping very soon!

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