Kyng Kilo and Kamron Lord are set to release their new album KyngLord

Right on the heels of a new album release, Georgia-based rapper Kyng Kilo has been putting in work over the past several months getting everything set up perfectly. Linking with London-based producer Kamron Lord, the album will be appropriately named KyngLord. With the talent oozing from both artists, there are sure to be some great cuts on this project.

Slated for release on Friday, August 31, Kyng Kilo’s team is no doubt taking care of all the last minute necessities that ensure for a smooth album release. He recently released the album cover art and track list:

The Georgia-based rapper linked with two features for this release on the tracks Element (ft. Hollywood Swervo) and Red Dot (ft. Marc Wavy). I spoke with the producer of the album, Kamron Lord, to discuss the sounds we could expect from the project.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a distinct sound to pin the album down too. Kyng’s beat selection out of everything I sent him is real unique. He delivered something different on all the production work which really helped mould it into what it is. I think when you listen to it and see the artwork you can just feel the sound we’ve gone for, uno?”

Dropping several tracks over the past few months, we have seen both great tracks, such as Water, as well as improvement with each new release. Putting his all into this project, we are sure to see a raw mix of emotions compiled into one, cohesive tape. Although excited for the album to drop, he insists that this is only the beginning for him.

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