10,000 hours with Connecticut-based producer n8than

Canton, CT native 20-year-old Nathan Hanson is making his way into the music industry, making beats under the alias N8than. He stumbled onto his passion for producing when he chose to create a beat for his sophomore year art class final. It’s now a year and a half later and he pulls drive to keep getting better from passion and friendly competition from other producers in the music industry.

“When new music drops from artists I like, I always try to dissect the beat to hear how the producer made it, where they put the kicks, claps, snares, hats, etc. If it’s something that really catches my ear, I’ll keep note and try out some different drum patterns/melodies based off that analysis. Seeing my peers and other producers I like make new beats also really inspires me.”

N8than makes upbeat, Atlanta-style rap/trap beats, drawing inspiration from Scotty Drippin, TM88, Nard and B, and more. He aims to one day make a living off of his music and make a name for himself in the industry. “Still in the process of putting in my 10,000 hours”, he is self-taught and recognizes that he still has a long way to go, and a lot left to learn. He prides himself in how far he has come and his ever expanding versatility. N8than strives to make sure each beat he creates is different from the one before and give it a unique feel.

“I put a lot of time and effort into the music I make. I’ve taken hours worth of notes regarding mixing, mastering, and rhythmic patterns. There’s a lot that goes into the music I make that a lot of people don’t see/know. People should check out my stuff because of how much effort I put in, and because I feel like a lot of people could really rock with my beats.”

Growing up he always felt out of the ordinary coming from a small town where everything was local. He had to avoid the trap of complacency that small towns and comfortability often bring. The young artist attends Roger Williams University and after a few years realized he couldn’t dedicate his life to things he was not passionate for and decided to seriously pursue music. Look out for N8than on his most recent release My Dreams; Your Nightmares, It is made up of a mix of dark and upbeat instrumentals.

“shout out to my homie Yezzi. He’s another producer from CT that’s just phenomenal..I also met this kid Griffin at my school who’s beats SLAP..My boy Ryan (Syan) just recently began making music. I’ve known the kid since I was little..I also got my people that keep me creative and motivated outside of music. Shoutout Ruben, Ross, and Julian..Witkos, Rie, Henry, Yac, Cenzo, Brendon, James, etc…..I gotta bunch of homies from school and home that really keep me motivated, those are just a few.”

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