Benny taps into his subconscious to create music you can feel

Benny, the 25-year-old artist, uses themes derived from his subconscious to create his musical projects. He approaches each song with the intent to flex his highest capabilities, after years of yearning to be a rapper, he now owes it to himself to do so. “I always end up at the end of the project really surprised at how cohesive my work is, and I just figure that all the time brainstorming and living out life and practicing hooks and flows ends up making a package that sounds like me and is true to who I am.

Benny isn’t afraid to be comical and add a different flavor to his music, his flow is different and appealing to a variety of listeners. “I believe my music is for the hood and suburbs, for the dirty south and for the Westside, doesn’t matter everyone can relate and enjoy Benny.” The rapper effortlessly mixes introspective and drugged up lyrics over eerie hard hitting instrumentals. He takes pride in being able to offer many different feels and sounds. Although hard to place into one exact genre, Benny references being compared to Childish Gambino, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Tyler, the Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt.

His hometown of Dayton, Ohio was where Benny was exposed to the street. “Whether it was from my brother robbing our neighbors or the drive by shootings, I saw a lot growing up there.” He and his 3 brothers were raised by a single mother, and they fought frequently. The youngest of the group Benny went through some mental turmoil and battled thoughts of suicide as he got older.

“Things have always had a slice of misfortune in my life it seems, but I’m always finding a way to come out on top.”

He learned perseverance from his mother and his best friend/art director/ producer, Ryan Frank. His mother worked 10 years to accomplish a book publishing and Ryan always believed in Benny’s musical ability.

“On a musical side I’m inspired by Ye first and foremost, Drake, Tyler Lupe, Pharell, rivers cuomo from weezer and Jeff rosenstock. These guys taught me that it was cool to be different or cool to express how I felt in music. Also were great examples on how to be patient with your music and your place in the music industry. The cream rises to the top, And I think they’re all examples of that.”

Benny always looked up to rappers, and began writing poetry and short stories as a kid. He stumbled onto rapping when spitting to some industry beats with friends and discovered a passion for it. One day he hopes to win a grammy and follow in the footsteps of the greats. Also to Push his limits and grow as an artist and eventually support himself as well as his family.

The young artist makes sure he is always working on flows, hooks, or anything music related through out his day. “That kind of work ethic has helped me stay focus and not worry on who or who isn’t listening to my music, I only think about my vision and what I want it to sound like or feel like.”

“I want shout out The Sludegboss aka Calvin Frank, my best friend and art director/ producer, he’s out Vermont making a name for himself in the art scene out there. We have been friends since high school. He makes majority of my song covers and provides the beats for my newest project What Else: Calvin Edition. We were in a collective, TCSWFIAN, which consisted of me, Sludge, Fritz The Cat, Spectre, Blackbeard & many others. We all made art in different ways together through high school and our early twenties, from surf rock bands to cooking shows to our rap music, we dabbled in many forms of media. Everyone has separated and progressed in different ways however we still keep up with each other and support each other now. I also want to shout out my Cousin Cash Milion, who has been rapping for years and is still grinding to achieve his dreams, we are working on a joint project in some capacity.”

You can check out Benny’s most recent release, What Else and What Else: Calvin Edition, where you will find a variety of emotionally influenced songs that help the listener visualize the artist’s pain and happiness. “You will hear loud bombastic sounds, some creepy sounds and even some straight up crazy trap type shit. I really wanted to explore the duality of my music and personality on this last tape so I think that will be evident on both editions.

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