Trenton-based rapper Musa Messiah releases new track Big Worm

Gaining momentum over the past few months, Trenton-based rapper Musa Messiah is back with a brand new track titled Big Worm. Flexing all over the track he raps about his past hustles and the stuff that he had to do to eat growing up in Trenton, NJ:

“Whip it ’till ya wrist hurt,

Pack came in got pounds of the purp.

Get that shit gone like I gave away merch for the free,

I could get you murked for a fee.

Connecting with producer Flame Alkahest, who also cooked up the Chill Bill track for Rob Stone, Messiah raps over a crisp ice cream truck jingle sample, laced with a hard-hitting trap beat. Musa Messiah comes across with confidence on the new track boasting about accomplishments when it comes to trapping.

Displaying his capabilities while in the studio, this shorter track, clocking in at just over two minutes, is sure to catch your attention. The intro to the track, which sounds like a cacophony of young voices going wild about the song that is about to be spit, truly captures the aspect of brotherhood and the importance of family to Messiah. Telling me that “different parents don’t mean shit to me I feel as though I can pick and choose who I consider family.

While listening to this cut, there is something about Musa Messiah’s voice that leaves a deep impression and hits you right in the chest. Seemingly growing in intensity throughout the single verse and if that isn’t in your head well after the track is over, the chorus is sure to stick:

“Sell work in your hood like it’s ice cream, man

I’m just copping all this jewelry with the ice cream bands.

I’m the hottest youngin’ out, I’m with the ice cream, man.

I’m good in any hood, I’m the ice cream man.”

Steadily stockpiling songs, Messiah is gearing up for an EP release coming in the near future. Wanting to truly find his sound and voice when creating music, he is busy putting together a cohesive tape that will put his full talents on display. While we wait on that, however; he does have a handful of singles out on all platforms currently including King of the Hill (feat. J $lumm), Cryforhelp, and Toll Free (feat. Easy Mvcaveli). Collaborating with Benjamin Scott to not only rap on the song Infamous (feat. Musa Messiah), the pair also came together to co-produce the song.

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