Scraper Records founder Yan Gorshtenin signs 2 new artists under his wing.

The 18 year old artist manager has announced two new artists under his management.

Scraper Records founder and CEO, Yan Gorshtenin has made his decision final and taking up two new artists, Fat Guapo known as Grizz; and Dae Ayo (Daelight556). Dae Ayo has successfullly released two EP’s and is on track for his upcoming album.

With Grizz’s high anticipated song of the year, “Used To Wanna Be”, featured on Worldstar and now available on all majors platforms for streaming and download; it looks like this will be a successful year for the artist Grizz and manager Yan Gorshtenin.

Scraper Records is establishing into a full service record label and multimedia company. Focusing on creating a consistent stream of high quality songs and music related products for all artists including Grizz and Dae Ayo.

“Not only am I setting up all my artists up for success, but I’m keeping my artists on tract with their album releases and careers.”

– Yan Gorshtenin, CEO of Scraper Records

Social Media:

Dae Ayo’s Instagram: @daelight556

Grizz’s Instagram: @fatguapo

Scraper Records: @scraperrecords


Scraper Records / Worldwide
6047 Tampa Avenue, Tarzana, Ca, 91356.
Phone: 818-809-5295

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