New York rapper John Sha releases new Big Kid visuals

New York rapper John Sha has been grinding and carving his way through the underground, connecting people via his music. Drawing great inspiration from the city in which he was raised, his energy levels match his talent in his new Damian Castro-directed visual. Finessing his way over an intoxicating trap production, the visuals for his newest release Big Kid leave viewers wanting more. He balls on the court to begin the song and then balls in the strip club to caps off his day.

Coming up in the city, John Sha is reaping the rewards of his long years in the struggle. With everything coming full circle for his newest music video, the end result speaks for itself. Rapping about spending money and getting it back, and vice versa, his deep voice carries years of experience and work put into the industry.

The wavy strip club visuals created by Damian Castro create a great energy, “Big Kid is an ode to boyhood and a visual representation of adolescence aspirations.” From playing ball on the court and spending money on other vices, strip clubs, alcohol, etc, that was what moved John Sha as an early teenager and throughout his adolescence. While he has matured and grown wiser over the hears, he portrays himself as a big kid in this video and in the track as a whole.

“Shawty get loose with the big kid,

Shawty get a boost with the big kid.”

Quick edits, great effects, and lots of women grace the screen for this video as Sha and his crew ball in the club. Creating a whole new type of vibe with this visual, Castro brings a lot to the table in terms of visual production. Allowing John Sha to shine and his music to take control, he matches the mood of the song perfectly. While there was a certain repetitive aspect to the song and to the video, it would have been great to see some more flair and changes in cadence from Sha.

With that being said, he has still put together a fantastic work of music and Damian Castro nailed the video production behind the music. With an increasing level of importance being put on having viral videos to go along with a song release, his collaboration effort resulted in a great video release. Using his social media to his advantage, interacting with other artists and collaborating is key to success in the underground and it is clear that John Sha and Castro found a great chemistry while creating together.

Gaining popularity and finding his voice further with each release, he constantly is working on new music. Writing and recording to get his sound perfect before each release, he is swerving in his own lane, honing in on his sound to create his image in the industry. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future! Check out his newest releases below and be sure to check out the new Big Kid visuals above!

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