JidScan: An Introduction

In the first of several publications, Grooverelly presents NJ-based rapper JidScan. Releasing new music constantly and even putting out incredible visuals, like those for the song That Way (Campaign), he is doing all the necessary groundwork to build his sound and to create his place in the industry. Already making waves in the underground, his music exudes a timeless feel while at the same time infusing modern, new-school elements.

Name: JidScan

Age: 27

Hometown: Franklin Twp, Central NJ

David: What was your childhood like growing up in Franklin Twp?

JidScan: Growing up it was just me and mother. She’s a hardworking woman. She’s everything to me. We ain’t really have too much coming up, but I always had a mindset that I wasn’t going to let nothing stop me from getting what I want.

Franklin is in central Jersey, hell of talent out of my town – some of the most creative go-getters out there. It’s mad diverse so whatever you looking for you can find it. It’s just like anywhere else where you’ll have some good and some bad, but I loved it though because it’s the reason I’m not uncomfortable around people from different walks of life.

David: Tell me a little bit about how and when you began creating music.

JidScan: I started out writing music and poetry from a pretty young age. From there I had an older cousin who was really into hip hop that was always getting new CD’s so I picked up on listening to them and finding out what I liked. From there I was writing rhymes, then eventually songs. As a teen I got into production and started making beats and I just kept going from there.

David: Tell me a little about the process of making music for you, where does your inspiration come from?

JidScan: Life – first and foremost, some of the most bar driven songs were the easiest to write because them words flowed like blood from a vain where I had to get these things out of me in the best way I know how. But I can also get real imaginative/creative and try different things when it comes to making music. I’ll draw an outline of a figure and start the writing process based off of what comes to be in the outline.

One thing that’s unmatched is when the you hear a beat, no words or anything, but it just speaks to you.

Nearing the release of a brand new album, he told me that listeners can expect “mostly rap on this.” With “production ranging from trap, boom-bap, jazz, to R&B. Different flows, storytelling, just want to make a complete body of work that showcases my skill set.” Constantly packing layers of meaning and substance into his music, he is also not afraid to branch out of his comfort zone to experiment with different sounds. Check out his newest single Beast Mode (prod. Oso Familiar and Trillo Beatz) below and be on the look out for his new album and our full-length interview with New Jersey rapper JidScan!

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