North Carolina rapper iloveyouoxxy! releases new DODGIN' DEMONS mixtape

Already currently making big waves in the underground, Fayettesville-based rapper iloveyouoxxy dropped his newest project late Saturday night titled Dodgin’ Demons. Executively produced by DodgyFame, the relatively short new mixtape, boasting only 3 songs, is exactly what fans have been waiting for. After dropping a slew of new songs over the past few months including IDK (prod. Lil Rari), LIKE ME (prod. DONTSLEEP and CHINATOWNBEATS), and CARNIVAL (prod. Kevin Kazi), he has been working non-stop until he makes a name for himself. Constantly releasing great new music, it’s not hard to see the effort oxxy puts towards his craft.

Starting off strong with the track 777, he comes in hard with his mesmerizing flow and signature voice that is somehow relaxed and laidback but at the same time savage and aggressive. The hook starts and the lyrics smack the listener directly in the face.

A nigga just got the money,

he got the money like he hit three 7’s

Going on to discuss women who only want to be around people who are popping, oxxy isn’t having any of that. Too busy chasing the bag and working on himself, he clearly has no time for distractions of any sort.

Sliding right into VVS223, he opts for a very melodic instrumental paired with quick high hat rolls and a softer 808 that DodgyFame seems to use often in his music. Staying with his diamonds and his weapons, lil’ oxxy is here to claim what is rightfully his.

“VVS and 223,

I got that all over me,

I got everything I need,

Her pussy wet like a sea”

Using his music to open doors for his future, iloveyouoxxy is swerving through the underground leaving impressions everywhere he goes. No one can deny his work ethic and there is a great chance that your timeline is full of his music.

Finishing up the mixtape with the song Kill Me! (Dodgin Demons), he concludes the project with a bang. The certified banger boasts huge 808 hits and an almost chaotic instrumental that fits like a glove with oxxy’s bars and flows.

“Kill me or shut up nigga catch me dodgin demons,

Hell can be real cold ice bright diamonds gleaming”

Running up his stats and solidifying his place in the underground, he further develops his sound with every track he releases. His voice is unique enough that every time he comes on a track, one can identify the voice and flow almost immediately.

Hard work is clearly paying off for iloveyouoxxy! Putting together a short, yet powerful mixtape, his efforts are being rewarded with this tape. When I was listening through this project, however, I found that I was wanting some more variety with his flows. At the same time, on the other hand, that is the lane that oxxy is in and he is striving to create his own sound. Aside from a few monotonous bars here and there on the project, oxxy has put out three hits. Choosing to stay in his element, his style and flow in the booth are evident.

Be sure to check out iloveyouoxxy’s newest project Dodgin’ Demons below and stay tuned for his next moves! A multi-talentet artist he raps, designs clothes, runs a blog, and even creates incredible cover art. Be sure to check our DeadLast Records, Villa Clothing, and oxxy’s new music!

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