NYC rapper Shuck-T experiments on his new track – Lu$t

Spitting over a chopped up sample, New York rapper Shuck-T provides an incredibly eerie vibe to his newest track Lu$t (Prod. Lo$). Deep-pitched vocals begin in a slow cadence slightly prior to the beat setting the tone for the song. Shuck-T comes in with strong vocals right from the start on the track, complimenting the heavy bass-infused beat. The artist displays the versatility of his voice between his intense screams and range of flows throughout the song.

“They say that love make you Crazy

I’m going psychotic for lust

Bitch I make metal

You make rust”

Shuck T raps mostly of love, lust, and sex giving fans an in-depth understanding of his views on the subject. Throughout the quick, staccato-like flows, he also flexes the unique metal-infused sound he has created. Inspired by the city, staying surrounded by creativity, he produces new music constantly. Shuck’s poetic lyrics flow with the rhythm as he finds his way through the pockets of the beat produced by Big Lo$.

“Sex is an art and we lust in the dark,

fuck til we cum then we part when we’re done”

While listening, you can tell Shuck T puts a raw energy and passion into the song by the intense style that he spits. Overall this unique rapper out of New York demonstrates his abilities to switch up his flows and produce both catchy and deeply metaphorical lyrical content. Clearly not afraid to experiment with his voice and flow on this song, he definitely has some makes; however there are a few misses along with that. Opting for a screechy-type flow over a 2-bar stretch, it parallels the instrumental but ultimately hits the ear a little bit awkwardly. Overall putting together a great track, the New York rapper will no doubt to continue to grow and explore all areas of his vocal performance.

Be sure to give the track LU$T a listen and check out the rest of Shuck T’s music catalog.

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