Constant motion with Houston, Texas rapper Ace McCain

Drawing his biggest inspirations from some of the great minds of this era such as Malcolm X, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr., 20 year old rapper Ace McCain uses their legacies to guide his life. Growing up in a place that is “most known as ‘gunpoint,’” in Houston, Texas, he began his journey from very humble beginnings. “[He] didn’t have shit coming up in Texas,” he told me as he continued to speak on some of the things he had to do just to survive and have food to eat:

It gets real over here in [these] parts, [you] better know somebody or be plugged in,” because you “can’t just go over to the ‘nawf’ Texas – [they are] not friendly unless you [are] one of our natives [of if you are] showing love to our city

Living a life filled with “kicking doors” and trapping, a self-described “typical black hood story,” he has come a long way in the musical industry and his actions speak for themselves. “I don’t really have to say much the people speak for me – they’ve seen everything. I made it from the news to going on tour with some best upcoming talents in the underground.” Having nothing to hide when in the booth making music, he honestly lives everything he speaks on. Influenced by his everyday life, Cain is able to make a lot of music as his creativity is overflowing. On a nonstop chase after improvement and progression, he has the highest standards for what he releases.

With ambitions of “giving [his] story to that kid in the ghetto that didn’t have a way out,” providing a voice for so many in the Houston area and across the country, “[he wants] him to know [that he’s] a walking testament, it’s really possible!” Crafting a truly unique style of music, he stands out because he is true to himself. Listening to other music growing up, like OutKast, UGK, Lil Keke, just to name a few, he studied the music of those that came before him. Using their styles as a starting point, he kept running with the creativity and created something of his own.

After having been around the genre for essentially his entire life, he has been taking music seriously for about three years. Letting nothing get in the way of his professional goals that he sets for himself, Cain will stop at nothing to achieve all of them. Making crazy moves in his hometown of Houston, he is even making more around the country as he will be going on tour and stays putting on for the underground hip-hop scene everywhere. Growing up the way that he did, it is common to grow up fast and Cain is no different. Mature far beyond his 20 years might have you believe, he know about the grind and work that is necessary to become successful.

Ultimately Ace McCain is in his element when surfing through the waves of the underground. Telling me that another one of his main goals is “to stay underground and be successful without the industry,” he truly wants to make his own way in the world. Taking a hand our from no one, you will definitely be hearing more from Houston, don’t be surprised when Cain comes to your city and throws a great show. Releasing some great music in the past like Xoxo [prod. Emani] and Matter [prod. Emani], he has been on a musical hiatus focusing more on the business side of the game. Don’t let that fool you, he never stops being creative and continues to practice and improve his abilities.

David: Are you working on any new music at the moment?

Cain: Album Krista Heaven coming soon and the long awaited CwCmf project dropping immediately – just getting the finished touches down. This is a beautiful time for me this year. I gotta get rid of a lot of old music my fans and supporters probably gone be happy. You can expect to get to know Cain for Cain and Ace McCain for Ace McCain, that’s two different artists and personalities. You can tell the difference and the growth over time

Check out Ace McCain’s music below and be sure to keep up to date on his new endeavors coming up this summer!

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