BloodShotEnt is getting to the "Money Now" with new release

Dallas rapper BloodShotEnt splashes into the summer with a brand new track titled Money Now [prod. megabeats]. Spitting over an upbeat, happier-sounding instrumental, he snaps rapping about his come up and current situations. Swerving the fake fans that simply want to be around him because he has “Money Now,” he raps flames over the instrumental and forces the audience to listen. Foot on the gas, he isn’t stopping for anyone when it comes to his musical career.

“Where you was when I was bummin, livin off of fries,

Pain deep you can see it in my fucking eyes.”

BloodShotEnt has always been into music, developing a passion at a very young age. Playing the saxophone in early grade school, he continued his musical progression until high school where he took a sort of hiatus. Clearly having gone through a lot of struggle in his life, he has had just as much personal growth because of that struggle. Turning his life completely around, he refocused his goals to better suit himself. Prioritizing and coming up from nothing, he is now out here with his money right and his music as top priority. Recognizing that there are a lot of people who will only show love and support when you are doing well, he made this track off of that energy.

With a new music video as well, shot by kilsuals, that is already doing numbers in less than a month of being released. He made a video that matches the energy of the song perfectly as BloodShotEnt raps to a sea of fans getting hype to his music. Cutting in and out with trippy visuals of the rapper, sparklers, and color saturated scenes, kilsuals captures the attention of the viewers and the numbers on the newly released video corroborate that. Taking music very seriously for a little over two years now, he is connecting in all the right ways. Understanding the work and dedication that it takes to make it in the music industry, he is hungry for progression.

Keep an eye out for BloodShotEnt as this is certainly not the last you have heard from him! Go Check out his previous projects available on all streaming platforms including 2017 effort BloodShot Sweat & Tears, and newest EP Free Smoke. There truly is some great music coming out of Texas in 2018.

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