Charlotte, NC rapper ILUVXANS drops new track – STEAK N SHAKE (prod. ST LOS)

Immediately after hearing the intoxicating melodies and rolling high-hats, juxtaposed against the relatively monotone flows by rapper ILUVXANS, it isn’t hard to relate to the track. A true night bird’s anthem, dropping the song STEAK N SHAKE (prod ST LOS), he created a trunk-rattling track that truly captures the energy of a 3:00am studio-session. Coming in hot, rapping over a clean instrumental, Charlotte, North Carolina rapper ILUVXANS spits flames before cutting the beat and restarting. Making honest music, he raps the hook:

Nigga I ain’t get no sleep today.

I popped like two pills,

That was yesterday.

Got a nigga up,

Boy I’m wide awake

Speaking on the things that he goes through on the daily, he truly gives his listeners a look into his life. Late-night, casual trapping, making music, and finessing women seem to be a daily routine for ILUVXANS. Sprinting to the check, he is making all of the right moves to ensure success.

Creating his own style of “new age rap,” the Charlotte native draws heavy inspiration from the Memphis rapper Project Pat. Constantly setting and breaking goals that he sets for himself, this 17-year-old rapper never stays stagnant for long. Sometimes writing several songs in a single day “just to keep the consistency,” he is steadily improving his flows and delivery to really hone in on his craft. Actively forcing himself to experiment with different flows and cadences, pushing the boundaries of his voice, he is crafting his signature style that separates him from his peers.

Currently working on new material for his upcoming mixtape, Carolina Baby, that is dropping later this month. XANS told me that listeners should expect “about 10 songs… all fire.” If his previous material, like woods (prod liftedbeats), is any indication of the music that is going to be on the new tape, get ready for an incredibly hard debut project. Check out ILUVXANS’ newest track below and be sure to keep an eye out for the new mixtape coming soon! I’m definitely excited to see where this young rapper takes his career, his bright future is blinding.

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