Alter-egos, dedication, and unique styles: This is Whisper the Coke God

Allowing his alter-ego, Whisper the Coke God, to take over when inside the booth, Hector Acosta releases his angers, frustrations, and raw emotions on every track that he jumps onto. Providing him with an opportunity to be in a raw state of being in the studio, like on the song QUE? Ft. ILL WiLL, Whisper creates music to express his powerful energy on the microphone. Giving his listeners music that is “unpredictable and versatile,” he blazes his verses which gives the Coke God a very unique style. Admitting that after first listen “listeners will probably get lost in my flow and just get lit to the beat,” he says that after you listen a few more times, you will start to pick up more and more on his lyrics.

Never having been strictly labeled in one unique style, he brings a great deal of versatility whenever he releases a project. “I have hype music, ignorant music, vibe music, music about break-ups; I’m also working on hardcore ‘mosh pit music’ and other styles at the moment as well.” Clearly not afraid to experiment with the sub-genre of hip-hop music he creates, like on the track $uga $uga (where he finesses on everyone with the falsetto bars at the end), Whisper has clearly found his voice when in the studio. Pulling inspiration from Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne, he uses their styles as a platform from which to grow. Studying their flows, rhythm, and instrumentals, he creates his unique style while at the same paying homage to the generations that came before him.

Growing up with a father who is a DJ who tried to expose his son to music at an early age, a young Whisper the Coke God wasn’t really about it at the time. Years later he began to pick it up again around the age of 15 and he has seen steady progression ever since. Beginning to take it seriously only a few months ago, the now 19 year old rapper has made huge strides. Being the type of person that will invest himself fully into whatever endeavor he finds himself, he naturally carried over that mentality to creating rap music as he works constantly to improve and make a name for himself.

I could be in the studio for hours just fixing one little part because I don’t like how it sounds – I probably annoy my sound engineer and my team… I am a perfectionist when it comes to music.

The Coke God has had an extremely complex evolution as both an individual and as an artist. “[He] was very timid and shy, growing up in Chicago [he’d] always hear a lot of horror stories,” so he chose to keep to himself mostly. From a quiet kid in the windy city, to a “trouble-making class clown” in Joilet, Illinois, developing his moral compass as well as artistic abilities, Whisper’s story is unlike any you’ve heard before. Everything that has occurred throughout his life has shaped the Coke God into the person he is today. Religiously recording each of his songs in a similar manner, he has developed a routine that allowed him to earn a decent, growing fan base and become “the person that snaps on every song.

With one EP out so far, Waves of Coke with IHATEPVRPL, the Coke God doesn’t plan on releasing another project until he makes it into the industry. Still networking and developing connections, he seems to have done well for himself working with CZER, Lil Tokin, and Pvrpl with whom he attended high school. Feeding off of each other’s energy, they improve off of one another elevating the quality of music in the collective as a whole. With simple goals of “[providing] for [his] family and friends who were there and supported [him] from the start,” Whisper is laying all the correct ground work to have his career be successful. Bringing his whole team with him, he is riding a wave out of the Underground.

Shoutout to IHATEPVRPL, DKOOLPHAROH, TNS ILL WILL, all of his team TNS. Shoutout CZER, and Lil Tokin who will drop his first song soon. And shoutout to NSO gaming.” A creative, ambitious young man, Whisper the Coke God stays active on social media constantly engaging with fans, streams fortnite on twitch, appears in YouTuber’s videos such as Luis Lopez, and also plays basketball. With no lack of talent, it will be exciting to watch Whisper the Coke God continue up the ladder of success and find his way into the industry.

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